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International Trade Business   

Job Responsibilities:  
1. Be responsible for foreign clients development, maintenance, prompt reply and inquiries’ follow-up through platforms; 
2. Be familiar with international trade business and able to develop new clients from internet and other channels;  
3. Complete order placement, follow-up and arrange warehouse, shipment and payment; 
4. Collect and collate market information and potential customer information;  
5. Complete other tasks assigned by higher management.  

Job Qualifications: 
1. College diploma or above, fluent English listening, speaking, reading and writing, CET 4 or above;  
2. 23~33 years old; minimum one year foreign trade working experience; be familiar with foreign trade operation process; 
3. Be responsible, careful, dependable and patient; have good communication and presentation skills; can work under pressure and bear challenges;   Note: Candidate with smart accessory resource experience is preferred.  

Quality Management  

Job Responsibilities: 
1. Be responsible for product quality inspection, supervision, progress control; provide various records of production process; 
2. Statistics and feedback to all kinds of production and quality; 
3. Transfer and management of production-related documents; 
4. Be responsible for finished products’ protection, package, shipment, next procedure handover and execute stock-in and stock-out procedures with warehouse keeper; 
5. Provide supervision work content, workload and expense calculation; conduct respective production conclusions and report to project management.

Job Qualifications: 
1. Three year or above working experiences in relative position;  
2. Be familiar with ISO9000 Quality Management System and understand its operation method in enterprise; good command of product process flow; be acquaintant with quality management tools and methods such as 6 Sigma and others; be proficient in Microsoft Office software; 
3. Be responsible, precise and careful; with good analytical and problem-solving capabilities; good team spirit; 
4. Strong communication skills; 
5. Can work under great pressure and have working experiences in large or formal manufacturing enterprises.